How to Use Classification Tools:

  • Select either option, class guide or tech specs. The tool will allow you to move from classification processes to the technical blueprint information once you are there. The engine specs page will allow you to get to the classification process by allowing you to select from a list of the cars that use the engine. However, you must be a registered member to use the tool.
  • If you would like to have access to the tools, you must register as a user. You can do that by clicking on the registration link at the top right corner of this web page or you can click here.
  • If you are a registered user, you must sign in each time you come to the website or check the 'Remember Me' box when you log on for automatic login when you come here.

    Stock and Super Stock Technical Information Selection:

These tools will allow you to see the basic information for classification of Stock Eliminator or Super Stock Eliminator race cars.   If you do not register, you are limited to just seeing the NHRA sheets from the NHRARacer web site!!Select the category of the tool you want to continue forward.  If you have registered on the site, there are many cool features and additional bits of information that will be available for you.  Enjoy!

Heads Up

Our mission is to have this site be the "go to" place for racers to find the technical information needed for Stock and Super Stock Racing. So the accuracy of our data is very important. Please email the admin if you find and discrepencies or errors. We appreciate your help!

  • Classification is up to date and correct for the 2021 season!
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