NHRA Accepted Sportsman Transbrake Buttons

Last Revision Date:   9/28/2022

** Refer to NHRA Rulebook Class Requirements regarding the proper use of transmission brake buttons. **

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Apex Machining888-02Sloooooooow Release
ATI940020Button w/Coil Cord
940025Transbrake Switch
940028Standard Transbrake Switch w/Oversize Button
B&M46003Small Button w/Spiral Cord
46013Large Button w/Spiral Cord
BiondoABAdjustable (.01 slow) Button
HSA-OAdjustable HS w/Cap
MUSHStandard Size Mushroom
MUSHOOversize Mushroom w/Cord
TBBUltra Quick Microswitch
TBB-DODouble O Button
TBB-SASnap Action TB Button w/Cord
CherryD4 SeriesMiniature Micro-switches
Collector Tethers3109-005Just-N-Time
3109-005XJust-N-Time XL
Cramsey InnovationsOT-001Overthrow Transbrake Button
Custom Built MachinesLTB3Transbrake Button
DedenbearPBSRTDAdjustable Quick Release Transbrake Switch w/1/2
PBSTSPush Button Switch
PBSXLOversized Push Button Switch
DRP, LLCPredator-001Adjustable Trans-brake Switch
Hurst248-3880Universal high Speed Switch w/Cord
Jegs10330Micro-switch w/Cord Fingertip-sized
10331Micro-switch w/Cord Palm-sized
10337Adjustable Trans-brake Switch
10350Quick Release Trans-brake Switch 1" Dia.
10352Quick Release Trans-brake Switch
10353Adjustable Trans-brake Switch
LencoMC-600200Microswitch w/Spiral Cord
Mandella RacecarsPMRTransbrake Button
Moroso74123Adjustable Trans-brake Switch
Penner Racing HeadsPRHTBSW007Double "O"
ReeactorRT-400Finger Kit
RT-500Thumb Kit
Shoot the LiteSTL1
387700Oversized Microswitch
388400Microswitch w/Spiral Cord
388500Oversized Microswitch w/SPiral Cord
Turbo ActionU70200APush Button Switch
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